How much does it cost to build a professional website 2022?

The construction of a website is necessary for a company or organization to get recognition. A professional website might cost a lot of money depending on your demands and the alternatives you choose. Here are some suggestions for calculating your project's budget.

How much does a professional website set you back?

build a professional website 2022
build a professional website 2022

A website appears to be a must-have for any company or group looking to get traction rapidly.

Managers will find this tool useful in implementing an efficient digital marketing strategy. As a result, a website may be used as an online platform for a small or medium-sized business to promote all of its services.

A quality online platform, when combined with an effective advertising effort, may dramatically enhance turnover.

Many businesses throughout the world have benefited from the establishment of high-quality websites.

However, such a technique must come at a price. Indeed, the cost of a good website is determined by a variety of criteria such as the site's type, the service provider, the features, and the design. It also considers your preferences and the amount of money you're willing to pay.

Learn everything there is to know about the cost of developing a high-quality website.

Website design Pricing 

Typically, the site's company has 12-15 landing pages. They may also include a blog and services such as an online booking line, e-commerce, or appointment scheduling. 

There are four sorts of company websites on the internet. They have the advantage of generating traffic and increasing the visibility of items and services on the internet. Each of them requires an own budget.

create a e-commerce website 2022

building an e-commerce website

An e-commerce website is a website that can function as a middleman in the completion of an online sale or buy transaction.

It enables your business to sell directly to Internet clients. E-commerce site payments are often performed using one of the various electronic payment options available.

Customers will find it easier to pay with these incorporated into the site.

Considering the numerous features that this sort of site necessitates for transaction security, it may be the most expensive site on the internet. 

A great e-commerce site requires a budget of at least 20000 euros. When you want a more advanced merchant platform in terms of functionality, this site construction fee might be approximately 50,000 euros.

Site-specific architecture 2022

specialized website development

A specialized site is a type of web interface that is relatively unique. It is designed to address a general business need.

For example, the latter may wish to develop a website to connect its staff or simply to schedule appointments with consumers. A website of this sort can cost roughly 500 euros, depending in part on the supplier.

Costs vary depending on the provider

To reach your aim, you can design a website in a variety of methods. You have the choice of creating your Online Store yourself or entrusting the task to a web firm. Additionally, hiring a freelancer enables for more systematic and creative work.

Create a Professional website by yourself 2022

The solution is to utilize WordPress, which is the simplest method to design a website while also saving you time. This CMS is made up of pre-designed website templates that don't require any web programming experience. You must first obtain technical assistance from a host in order to do.

The average cost of renting an hosting server online is 70 euros per year. Then you'll need to pick a domain name for your project. This one is identical to your online scheme. It costs around ten euros. After you've completed the first two steps, download and install WordPress as a PHP application on your computer. You may also use to access the online version.

You can discover various website templates on the platform that you may edit according to your tastes.

Build a website with 2022

The next phase in the design of your website will be to install plugins to provide more functionality. Your website is almost complete and should be viewable on the internet. 

You may now use it to write and upload content to populate each tab of the website. 

Finally, press "publish" to make them available to the public. 

However, some features on the site may demand purchase in order to upgrade your basic deal. When you want a professional website, the premium edition of WordPress is strongly recommended. It might set you back as much as 100 euros. 

Another thing to think about is your new website's maintenance schedule. Integrating anti-malware protection software is highly recommended. to prevent your website from being hacked These programs typically cost around 100 euros.

The following is a summary of cost elements:

  1. 70 euros for hosting.
  2. 10 euros for a domain name.
  3. 100 euros for a version upgrade.
  4. 100 euros for security software.

A self-designed website costs at least 280 euros in this case. Several alternative site builders, such as Magmento, Jimdo, and Drupal, offer pre-built sites for a monthly fee, similar to WordPress. However, if something goes wrong with these options, you may only receive limited external support.

There's also the possibility of receiving a shoddy site security and speed optimization.

creating  sites by employ a freelancer 2022

A freelancer is a self-employed developer who knows how to code in CSS, HTML, or XML.

Several reputable self-employed professionals in France and Madagascar may be found on freelancing websites

However, unlike the first option, where you may build your site in a matter of minutes, the process here can take up to three weeks. Depending on the necessity of your digital project, the freelancer might charge you by the hour or by the day.

Web development and design charges are included in the website creation estimate. It will differ based on your design and functionality preferences.

The creation of your website should cost between 1000 and 5000 euros on average.


Know that if you want a good website for your company, you'll need to set out at least 1000 euros. 

If you choose to pay more, the experts in the area will build you a custom platform with the most advanced features.

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